Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees! Or Does It?

Money doesn’t grow on trees! —That is a fact that Leah Shoff has always known. So when it was time to hunt for colleges during her senior year of high school, this girl from Palmdale, California figured she would attend a junior college first to save on tuition money, and eventually transfer to a four-year university.
But guess what? Money sometimes does grow on trees – in this case, in the form of scholarship money. After a little researching and chatting with the admissions staff at Vanguard, Leah was offered some major scholarship dollars.
“When I saw how much Vanguard was going to provide in scholarship funding if I came here, I was overjoyed because I realized I could afford coming here all four years,” Leah said.
It was a good thing she spent the consistent four years on campus, too—Leah was able to connect with professors in a meaningful way, and land an on-campus job working in the library—a position she counts as what prepared her most for her post-college career.
“Working at the library, I learned how to start conversations with just about anybody, and some of those people have become my dearest friends,” continued Leah.
And just a few years into her college career, Leah attended a Vanguard University job fair where she was introduced to The American Automobile Association (AAA)—the national member service organization, with over 55 million members throughout the country. Leah will enter the organization in the role of claims associate in the homeowners’ department, immediately following graduation. She’ll earn her degree in business administration, and without a doubt, Leah will put her college-grown skills into action in her new career role.