From Campus Highlight Reel to Real-World Workforce: Senior Julia Pohl Takes It All In

When senior Julia Pohl graduates this year, the business administration major won’t have to look far to start her career. That’s because she’s already landed a job right down the street from Vanguard University, working at one of Orange County’s top-ranked communications companies, Reveille Inc. There, she’s learning the ins and outs of professional social media marketing from another Vanguard University graduate and current public relations professor Brenda Springer by working as a digital communications assistant, a role she’ll continue in following graduation.

Julia thinks the relationships she formed and the connections she made while an undergraduate illustrates what she treasures most about her college experience.

“One of the best memories I have is a winter retreat I got to take during my junior year as an RA,” she says. “We spent three days together in a crowded little cabin, playing games, watching movies, swapping stories, sharing goals, having snowball fights in the snow and staying up late talking about everything under the sun. It isn’t a crazy memory, but it’s one that I cherish because I got to spend time with my entire staff (Laguna + Huntington RAs), who have since become some of my greatest friends. I’ll be forever grateful for them. It was a simple weekend but one that I’ll always hold in my heart.”

Beyond the friendships she formed, Julia says she also has counted on numerous faculty advisors, including professors Bill Dogetrom, Markita Roberson, Ed Rybarcheck and Ed Westbrook. There’s also one staff member who holds a special place in her heart: “My favorite staff member is Chelsea Montminy because of the life lessons she helped me walked through, and for the ways she pushed and challenged me during one of my most formative years at Vanguard.”


Born in Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada, Julia grew up in Carlsbad, California, but made the transition to campus life easily by getting and staying involved in clubs and other activities, such as SGA, Residence Life and the surf club. As for digging in deep academically, she passes along a tip: “For me, it was sitting down in a quiet place by myself and focusing on and memorizing material in a rapid-fire fashion.”

In fact, getting to the heart of study reminds Julia of one of her favorite bible verses, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalms 37:4) Julia is quick to point out that every year at Vanguard University “had its own highlight reel,” but she never ceases to find delight in her pursuit of a Spirit-filled life.