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 Vanguard University is exploring the science and practice behind companies creating favorable results by facilitating initiative and engagement in the workplace during the 2017 Creating Healthy Organizations Conference: Science and Practice of Productivity and Well-being to be held June 1-3 in Irvine, California. During the three-day conference, academics and practitioners from around the world including […]

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees! Or Does It?

Money doesn’t grow on trees! —That is a fact that Leah Shoff has always known. So when it was time to hunt for colleges during her senior year of high school, this girl from Palmdale, California figured she would attend a junior college first to save on tuition money, and eventually transfer to a four-year […]

A Life and A Friendship Dedicated To Music

As a young girl born in the 1920’s, growing up in a world that was ever changing, Murella Schliebe found her solace in music. She grew up in Santa Ana, California and attended an Assemblies of God church in town. The oldest of eight children, her mother passed away when Murella was just 19 years […]

Dr. Itzel Calleja-Macias: Genetic Variation of Type 2 Diabetes in Hispanic Populations

Diabetes among Hispanic-Americans is one of the most important health problems in the United states, showing a rate nearly twice as that of non-Hispanic adults. Early diagnose is needed to improve the control of the disease. Recent studies have identified associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, few studies focus on […]

Dr. Sara Sirvent: Plant Biochemistry and Ecology

1. Biodiversity along the Pacific Coast Trail. The goal of this project is to track the population trends and distributions of hundreds of wildlife species, and their habitats, along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT). It is referred to as the PCT Mega-Transect. The PCT is a continuous hiking trail that runs from the […]

Off to Graduate School! VU Senior Heads to CSUN

Now at the end of her four years in the undergraduate psychology program at Vanguard, VU Senior Samantha Empero is listening to God’s call to serve as a licensed marriage and family therapist. “I have really appreciated Vanguard. This is a small Christian school where God is significantly incorporated into nearly every class I have […]

From Campus Highlight Reel to Real-World Workforce: Senior Julia Pohl Takes It All In

When senior Julia Pohl graduates this year, the business administration major won’t have to look far to start her career. That’s because she’s already landed a job right down the street from Vanguard University, working at one of Orange County’s top-ranked communications companies, Reveille Inc. There, she’s learning the ins and outs of professional social […]

Dr. Mary Wickman, Director of Nursing at Vanguard University, Sworn in as President of Association of California Nurse Leaders

The Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) held their annual conference in Anaheim, California on February 5-8, where Dr. Mary Wickman was sworn in as president. Dr. Wickman serves as director of nursing at Vanguard University, leading the program for future health care workers. Dr. Wickman has been actively involved in ACNL since 2006, and […]