Vanguard University is exploring the science and practice behind companies creating favorable results by facilitating initiative and engagement in the workplace during the 2017 Creating Healthy Organizations Conference: Science and Practice of Productivity and Well-being to be held June 1-3 in Irvine, California.

During the three-day conference, academics and practitioners from around the world including Chile, Canada, and India, will dive into topics such as traits of healthy organizations, workplace transparency, interpersonal leadership, the psychopathology of leadership, mental health in the workplace and more.

Professionals and students attending the conference will have the opportunity to hear from experts in healthcare, big business and small business management while participating in hands-on workshops. The conference will share research from experts and will showcase organizations that achieve maximum productivity while supporting employee well-being.

Best-selling author and award-winning podcaster David Burkus will host an interactive workshop during the conference where he will challenge traditional and widely accepted principles of business management and reveal best-practices suited for an evolving workplace environment. Burkus is an associate professor of management at Oral Roberts University and in 2015 he was named as one of the emerging thought leaders most likely to shape the future of business by Thinkers50. In addition, Business Insider named Burkus one of the top TedTalks in 2016.

Friday’s plenary session on understanding foundations of organizational health will be presented by the world’s leading expert on Human Resources, Dr. Wayne F. Cascio, a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Colorado and the 2016 recipient of the World Federation of People Management Associations Lifetime Achievement Award. He authored close to 30 books on management, including the leading textbooks on human resources and award-winning papers on downsizing and its alternatives

In addition, the conference will honor local business leaders for their commitment to creating and sustaining healthy workplace during an awards breakfast on Friday, June 2. An election committee comprised of organizational psychology and human resource management professionals selected this year’s nonprofit, business, education and healthcare nominees.

Katie Skelton from St. Joseph Hospital, Al Mijares from the Orange County Department of Education, Don Ayres III from Ayres Hotels, and Jerri Rosen from Working Wardrobes will be recognized during the celebratory event. Principal of CoreStrengths Dr. Mike Patterson, will be the keynote speaker during the Creating Healthy Organizations Awards Breakfast.

The event will take place at the Wyndham Hotel in Irvine at 17941 Von Karman. Conference registration is available at $235 for students and $395 for professionals. Single session tickets for David Burkus’ workshop start at $20. Awards breakfast tickets are available for $55. For more information on the Creating Healthy Organizations Conference or to purchase tickets visit:


Sponsors for the event include Professionals in Human Resources Association, StrengthScope, Bolton & Company and Transitions Today Performance Consulting.


Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees! Or Does It?

Money doesn’t grow on trees! —That is a fact that Leah Shoff has always known. So when it was time to hunt for colleges during her senior year of high school, this girl from Palmdale, California figured she would attend a junior college first to save on tuition money, and eventually transfer to a four-year university.
But guess what? Money sometimes does grow on trees – in this case, in the form of scholarship money. After a little researching and chatting with the admissions staff at Vanguard, Leah was offered some major scholarship dollars.
“When I saw how much Vanguard was going to provide in scholarship funding if I came here, I was overjoyed because I realized I could afford coming here all four years,” Leah said.
It was a good thing she spent the consistent four years on campus, too—Leah was able to connect with professors in a meaningful way, and land an on-campus job working in the library—a position she counts as what prepared her most for her post-college career.
“Working at the library, I learned how to start conversations with just about anybody, and some of those people have become my dearest friends,” continued Leah.
And just a few years into her college career, Leah attended a Vanguard University job fair where she was introduced to The American Automobile Association (AAA)—the national member service organization, with over 55 million members throughout the country. Leah will enter the organization in the role of claims associate in the homeowners’ department, immediately following graduation. She’ll earn her degree in business administration, and without a doubt, Leah will put her college-grown skills into action in her new career role.

Vanguard University Honors 17 Graduating Veterans with Military Challenge Coins

by Priscella Vega

Seventeen veterans graduating from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa were honored Thursday evening and presented with challenge coins, a military tradition since World War I, in which troops used coins to identify their units.

The veterans were celebrated among friends, family and faculty at the private Christian university’s Veterans Courtyard of Honor.

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