Senior Music Majors Tag-Team Their Final Recital

Double the musical genius, two of Vanguard University’s beloved students and twins performed their final senior recitals together on Monday, April 6, at 7 p.m. in Needham Chapel.

Before their graduation on May 8, senior music majors Christian and Christopher Lucas performed their joint recitals for professors, friends and family. Beloved, the twins hosted a packed house. Attendees experienced the culmination of Christian and Christopher’s four years of music studies as they gave separate, interchanging performances and then came together for a final piece.

On May 8, the twins received their bachelor’s of music emphasizing in music education. Answering the typical question that most all graduating seniors receive (what are your plans after graduation?), both Christian and Christopher said they will start with Vanguard’s one-year teaching credential. “One of my passions for sure is to teach music and inspire kids,” Christian said when describing his goals for the future. Agreeing, Christopher added that his long-term goal is to teach K-12 and to perform as a percussionist in a local symphony. While working for their credential, they said they hope to stay involved with Vanguard’s music department: Christian in concert band and Christopher in the jazz ensemble.

With grateful hearts, Christian and Christopher expressed gratitude and praise for the shaping and nurturing that Vanguard provided for them. “Looking back all the way to freshmen year, I can’t believe how much I’ve changed,” Christian said. “Everything I’ve been involved in at Vanguard has shaped me,” he added. Along with spiritual, educational and mental growth, Christopher said that Vanguard helped them to grow more in their individuality as well. Christian added that they “may look similar on the outside, but we definitely have different passions that God set inside us.”

Looking back on the years, they remembered multiple highlights with music and with their friends. One standout memory for both, but especially for Christopher, occurred their junior year. One late night, around 1 a.m., Christopher surprised their group of friends with the idea to suddenly drop what they were doing and drive to the Grand Canyon. After a little hesitation from Christian and some talking through things, the group hit the road. Not only was this a fun, memorable experience, Christian also noted that it was a great moment for them to see the benefits of their individuality.

After interacting with the Lucas twins, it is not hard to see why so many came to support them at their senior recitals.

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